With your iPhone, you can make incredible photos and videos and keep the most precious moments of your life! But what happens if you accidentally lose your photos or damage your iPhone? Do regular backups of your iPhone Photo Library on your PC. In this case, you would never worry about the best moments caught on camera.

If you always have problems with backing up photos from iPhone or you just don’t know how to back up an iPhone Photo Library, then keep reading this article and find out the best and easiest way to save images and videos!

Backup photos from iPhone to PC with CopyTrans Studio

So, let’s start and back up a photo library with CopyTrans Studio:

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Studio.
  2. Open CopyTrans Studio and click on your iPhone icon.
  3. Choose iPhone to back up photos
  4. Now choose Photo Library and you will see all the options offered in CopyTrans Studio.
  5. Back up with CopyTrans Studio
  6. Click on “Backup” and the Configuration Window will appear.
  7. Configure Photo Library Backup
  8. Now you can set up a backup:
  9. Smart Folder name: Choose the backup destination

    Include albums: This option means that not only photos from Camera Roll will be saved, but also all the albums that you created on your iPhone

    Backup to “iPhone (iPhone8)” specific folder: All the photos will be saved in the folder with this name and only then you will find all the folders inside it

    Convert HEIC to JPG: It will automatically save the images in JPG format that is compatible with Windows

    Only backup pictures from…: This option will be useful if you would like to save photos of a specific period of time.

    Customize the renaming option: Choose the folder name. Just add the options, and don’t forget to add this symbol between the properties: \ . Click on Save after you finish.

    Renaming Option Settings
  10. Now you are ready to Start Backup. You will see a backup progress notification and also a progress bar: Backup progress bar in CopyTrans Studio NOTE: you can also cancel the backup by double clicking on the Cancel Backup option:
  11. Cancel backup in CopyTrans Studio
  12. That is it! Easy and fast backup of your iPhone Photo Library

Best way to backup photos from iPhone

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Hope that this detailed guide helps you to resolve all the backup problems you ever had. Now you can save all your Photo Library easily and fast on your PC. Enjoy using CopyTrans Studio!