Welcome to our revolutionary new software that will make transferring and backing up your iPhone photos to your Windows PC easier than ever before! Find everything you need to start off your journey to seamless photo transfer here.

Step 1. Install CopyTrans Studio

  1. Download CopyTrans Studio .exe file to your PC and start it with double click.
  2.  Download CopyTrans Studio
  3. The installation wizard will guide you through the process. Click on “Next” to begin.
  4. Begin installation of CopyTrans Studio
  5. Please read the License agreement and select “I agree” to continue. In the next window, click on “Install” to launch the process.
  6. Accept license agreement for CopyTrans Studio
  7. Select the settings option to proceed.
  8. Install with default settings
  9. After installation is over, you will be asked to restart your PC. Select one of the options and click on “Finish”.
  10. Restart computer after CopyTrans Studio install

Where do I find CopyTrans Studio after installation?

CopyTrans Studio is now integrated to your Windows Explorer: click on the File Explorer icon at your Windows toolbar.

CopyTrans Studio in Windows Explorer

If you are looking for the installation folder, you will find it at this directory: C:\Program Files\CopyTrans Studio.

Step 2. Connect device

CopyTrans Studio supports both USB and wireless connection. Choose the option you prefer:

Connect to CopyTrans via USB cable

  1. Connect your iPhone with USB cable and confirm “Trust this Computer” on the window that appears on your device.
  2. CopyTrans Studio connect with USB cable
  3. You can now find CopyTrans Studio icon on your Desktop. Do a double click to display your iPhone contents in Windows Explorer.
  4. You can also find CopyTrans Studio right in your Windows File Explorer or by selecting “My computer”.
  5. How to find CopyTrans Studio on Windows

Connect to CopyTrans Studio via Wi-Fi

CopyTrans Studio allows wireless connection between your iPhone or iPad and Windows PC.

Before starting, connect your device to your computer using the cable, and make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Here is how to enable Wi-Fi transfer of your iPhone photos in CopyTrans Studio.

  1. Go to the Windows System Tray at the bottom right of your Desktop. Find CopyTrans Studio icon.
  2. CopyTrans Studio icon in the taskbar
  3. Click on the icon top open the list of connected devices.
  4. Click on Allow connection over Wifi right under your device.
  5. How to enable WiFi connection for CopyTrans Studio

Troubleshooting connectivity issues

In case if your Apple device is not recognized by your PC and/or CopyTrans Studio, please follow the solutions below:

  • Unplug your iPhone from the computer and restart it.
  • Unlock the iPhone, then plug the lightning cable back.
  • Make sure you click Trust if asked.
  • Use a different USB port on the PC. For desktops with USB connectors on the front and on the back, try with one of the back connectors.
  • Use a different USB cable to connect your iPhone to PC.
  • Do not use a USB hub. Please connect iPhone directly to computer.
  • Try connecting your iPhone to another PC.

Find more Troubleshooting tips for CopyTrans Studio here.

Step 3. Setting options

With CopyTrans Studio, you can configure export settings for your iPhone media files.

  1. In Windows System Tray, right-click on a CopyTrans Studio icon and then on Settings.
  2. Select Settings in CopyTrans Studio
  3. You can now select export setting for your .heic, live and edited photos:
  4. Windows explorer setting: if your iPhone takes pictures in heic format, they aren’t going to be displayed on your PC unless you have a special plugin. Toggle this option if you want your .heic files to be automatically transferred to .jpeg during transfer.

    Show Live Photos as: Windows recognizes Live photos as a .jpeg picture and a .mov video file. With this option, you can choose if you want uniquely a picture or want to keep a video file with it.

    Show edited photos as: you can keep original unedited photo with this option.

    Settings in CopyTrans Studio
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