Welcome to CopyTrans Studio User guide. You are just a couple steps away from a seamless integration of your iPhone media into Windows. Follow this guide to learn the basics of CopyTrans Studio. For questions and suggestions, please contact us.

Table of contents

  1. How to install and use CopyTrans Studio
  2. Main features
  3. CopyTrans Studio Help

How to install and use CopyTrans Studio

CopyTrans Studio is developed and distributed by Ursa Minor Ltd. If you download CopyTrans Studio on our official websites copytrans.studio, copytrans.net and copytrans.de, we guarantee that the software is free of virus and advertising, and is completely safe for your system.


CopyTrans Studio has a standart .exe installer that you can obtain at our download page our on the FAQ pages:

 Download CopyTrans Studio

To begin the installation, do a double click and follow the instructions.

CopyTrans Studio First steps

After the installagion is over, you will have the CopyTrans Studio icon on your Desktop and in the system tray (screenshot below).

CopyTrans Studio icon in the taskbar

Since CopyTrans Studio is integrated in Windows Explorer, you don’t need to actually start the program. Double click on the icon on your Desktop or in the sytem tray or just open Windows Explorer and find CopyTrans Studio under “This PC”.

This PC and CopyTrans Studio

How to start CopyTrans Studio: 3 ways

  • click on CopyTrans Studio icon on your Desktop
  • open Windows Explorer, select this PC and click on CopyTrans Studio icon
  • click on Windows system tray and then select CopyTrans icon by double click

The interface

CopyTrans Studio allows you to complete special actions with your Photo library or access different kinds of data to view, modify or move it.

CopyTrans Studio fumctions

(1) Photo library actions: these functions allow you to automaticaly copy your iPhone photos and videos to PC.

  • Click on the Backup button to create a full photo and video backup of your iPhone.
  • Configure automatic backup helps to set an automatic update of saved iPhone photos and videos on your PC. This way, you never forget or loose any file. It is also protected from duplicates.
  • Click on Create smart album for an advanced photo backup. With this function, you can save files that are selected on your criteria: all photos from a specific date, place or with specific people.

(2) All photos and videos: click on this option to access all the media files. It includes Camera roll and photos that are saved to iCloud.

(3) Sources: “Camera roll” is a copy of what you find in the iPhone photos app, from newest to latest photos. Photos and videos synched to iCloud are in the “iCloud” section. “Sync from computer” contains photos and albums that you’ve manually created or added from your Mac or PC.

(4) Categories: this section is created for your own convenience and is organized similar to the Photos app on iPhone. It displays Albums and Memories saved on your iPhone and allows you to access your photos by People, Date and Place.

Main functions

Now you can create the ultimate organization of your iPhone photo library on your computer – completely tailored to your needs. Forget the hassle, now Windows and iOS are fully compatible.

Back up iPhone photos and videos with CopyTrans Studio

At CopyTrans, we have something that organizes your iPhone media in a perfect way. We developed the most advanced backup function to copy iPhone photos and videos to Windows PC. We have tried to take into account feedback from our users, as well as retaining the most successful solutions from previous products. We are happy to present you new and improved backup features that you can use and customize as you like.

Many of our users are looking for a solution to regularly and securely save the photos they take with their iPhones and iPads. Therefore, we have tried to make CopyTrans Studio convenient for those who want to regularly save their entire photo library, as well as for those who only need to save selected photos.

How to save all iPhone media with CopyTrans Studio

(aka do a full iPhone photos backup)

If you want to make a complete copy of your iPhone photo library of photos, videos, screenshots, panoramas, barking photos etc, the right feature for you is Backup.

With this function, you can also set a destination for the saved photos yourself and choose, for example, a USB stick or an external hard drive.

icon for the photo backup function in CopyTrans Studio

Save the full iPhone photo library on PC:

See also: How to back up only the latest iPhone photos to PC >>

How to do photo backups automatically

If you want to make sure your latest photos and videos are always safely saved to your computer, use the automatic backup feature. It allows you to save your most recent experiences to an already created backup, but it doesn’t create duplicates. This is a great time and space saver.

i con for Automatic backup in CopyTrans Studio

Set automatic backups for iPhone photos:

  • Open CopyTrans Studio, Select your iPhone > Photo library > Configure automatic backup.
  • Toggle the “Enable” option, then select how often do you want CopyTrans studio to do the backup: at every connection, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Select the destination folder.
  • See the step-by-step guide and our ideas why automatic backup is a cool feature here >>

Create Smart albums with iPhone photos

Here is one more smart way to save your iPhone photos and videos on Windows – use the Smart albums feature in CopyTrans Studio. Previously, this feature was available exclusively to Mac users. Now, thanks to our developers, Windows users can create fully customized albums themselves.

The Smart Albums feature is a way of advanced backup for photos and videos. You choose your own rules – save photos on certain dates, in certain places or with certain people. Also, this feature can help you organize all the files in the gallery according to your criteria: for example, you can select all the photos from home or people in your custom albums on your iPhone. Saving memories of Christmas dinner or a trip to the seaside is now simple and easy 🙂

icon for the Smart albums function in CopyTrans Studio

Create Smart albums with iPhone photos:

  • Open CopyTrans Studio, Select your iPhone > Photo library > Create smart album.
  • Select a name for your album.
  • Choose the “Filter photos” option to create 1 album with only the photos that meet your criteria.
  • The “Group photos” option will sort all the photos in your galery in folders the way you set it.
  • The album will be saved in CopyTrans Studio. To copy it to the PC, drag it to a folder of your choice.
  • See the full guide on How to use Smart Albums on Windows >>

Important: after you create a Smart album, it exists only in the CopyTrans Studio interface and won’t appear on your iPhone. To keep using this on your PC, drag it to the Desktop or any other folder of your choice.

View and Convert HEIC files on Windows

We realise that many iPhone users are facing the fact that Windows still doesn’t support .heic files. That’s why we wanted to make CopyTrans Studio something more than just a file transfer program. So, now you will be able to read .heic files on your computer without any problems, regardless of whether you open it in the CopyTrans Studio interface, or in any folder on your computer. All thanks to the in-built codec for viewing and converting HEIC images to JPG format.

How to view HEIC files with CopyTrans Studio

heic images displayd on Windows

Display HEIC thumbnails and read .heic on Windows

  • Install CopyTrans Studio on your PC >>
  • Open a folder with your HEIC files and see that now windows automatically displays .heic thumbnails.
  • To open a HEIC image on your Windows, simply select your favorite photo viewer – Windows Photo, Windows Photo Viewer or CopyTrans Viewer.
  • Enjoy your photos without boundaries – now your Windows system can open .heic files without problems.

Convert HEIC images to JPG in CopyTrans Studio

heic converted to jpeg with CopyTrans

Transform HEIC to JPG

  • Select 1 or more .heic files on your PC (use Cntrl+A to select all files in a folder).
  • Right click on it and select “Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans”.
  • See the .jpg versions appear in your folder right next to the original HEIC photos.
  • Find more info about HEIC and file conversion here >>

Check the full guide on HEIC to JPEG conversion >>

Save Live photos to PC and view them in motion

Now your photos stay live not only on your iPhone. With CopyTrans Studio, save both “still” and “moving” part of your Live photos. What’s more, you can now open and view Live photos on Windows like on your iPhone. To do this, open CopyTrans Viewer, a built-in photo viewer that we developed specifically to allow our users to open any Apple format. Fast and free.

View iPhone Live photos on Windows

View Live Photo on Windows

  • Open CopyTrans Studio and select “Media types” > “Live photos”.
  • To copy the files to your PC, drag them to a folder (if you select just the picture part, the .mov part will be copied automatically).
  • To view Live photos in motion, select your image, right click on it and select “Open with CopyTrans Viewer”.
  • Also, you can just open CopyTrans Viewer on your PC (find the icon on your Desktop) and then drag pictures in it.
  • Please remember to copy both image and video part of the Live photo in the same folder