What is required to run and use CopyTrans Studio?

CopyTrans Studio is a desktop application that integrates your iPhone media into Windows Explorer on your PC. For a correct start, you’d need a Windows computer (10 or 11), a USB cable that is compatible with your iPhone (for the first connection) and a stable Wi-Fi (to use wireless connection in future).

Windows OS Requirements

CopyTrans Studio is compatible with 64bit versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Apple devices and iOS compatibility

CopyTrans Studio can read data from all Apple devices (included iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), starting with iPhone 3GS and iOS 5. Check this page for the complete list of Apple devices and iOS versions.

We recommend regularly updating your iOS to guarantee the best experience in CopyTrans Studio.

iOS Drivers

Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) require special drivers to ensure connection with Windows PC. Usually, the drivers are installed automatically with iTunes. If you haven’t used iTunes or the drivers haven’t been installed correctly, you can opt for our free tool that installs iOS drivers without installing iTunes.

Internet connection

It doesn’t require Internet connection to exchange files between PC and iPhone if you are using a USB cable. In case if you want to use wireless connection, turn on Wi-Fi on both PC and iPhone and make sure that they are using the same network. Check this guide to find out more on how to set Wi-Fi connection between your iPhone and PC.

Security and data storage

All media data treated in CopyTrans Studio is stored locally on your devices and is not accessed by any software components by CopyTrans.