Welcome to the world of CopyTrans Viewer, where your photos and videos come to life! Whether you are a professional photographer, a travel enthusiast, or simply someone who loves capturing and reliving memories, our CopyTrans Viewer is the perfect companion for you. With its wide range of features and benefits, you will never look at your photos and videos the same way again.

CopyTrans Viewer is a free photo viewer for Windows that is integrated into CopyTrans Studio. It is a photo viewer that allows to display of a large amount of image and video formats (including those that aren’t supported by Windows) and to view Live Photos in action! To find out more, follow this guide.

How to install and setup CopyTrans Viewer

You can skip this part if you have already installed CopyTrans Studio to your PC.

  1. CopyTrans Viewer is integrated in CopyTrans Studio. Click on the button below to start download:
  2.  Download CopyTrans Studio

    Check this page to find out how to setup CopyTrans Studio

  3. Follow this installation process for CopyTrans Studio. As soon as you finish, CopyTrans Viewer will be installed on your PC. However if you want to do a custom setup for CopyTrans Studio, you should select “Custom installation” in CopyTrans Studio installation wizard.
  4. Custom installation for CopyTrans Viewer
  5. We recommend setting CopyTrans Viewer as default program for viewing files.
  6. set CopyTrans Viewer as default
  7. You can next select which file types you want to display with CopyTrans Viewer automatically. Be sure to select “Live Photos”: it will allow you to view hevc encoded files on Windows without installing any additional paid plugin.
  8. Select file associations for CopyTrans Viewer
  9. Click on Next to continue installation. Follow the process and restart your PC in the end for all the changes to take place.
CopyTrans Viewer in Windows Explorer

After installation, you will see an icon of CopyTrans Viewer with your Live Photos.

View photos and videos on Windows with CopyTrans Viewer

When we were creating a CopyTrans Viewer, we wanted to give iPhone users a freedom of viewing all Apple contents on Windows screen with no limit.

What file formats does CopyTrans Viewer support?
  1. Click on CopyTrans Viewer icon on your desktop to start CopyTrans Viewer
  2. double click to open CopyTrans Viewer on your desktop
  3. To start viewing your media files, you can:
    • Drag and drop the file to the black zone OR
    • Click on the yellow button to select a file.
    CopyTrans Viewer main screen
  4. You can then go through your photos and videos by using side arrows.
  5. Use buttons at the bottom to:

    • Zoom photo
    • Rotate image
    • Delete picture
    • Find image details
    • Open file location
    Main functions in CopyTrans Viewer
  6. Else, do a right click, select Open with > CopyTrans Viewer.
  7. Open file with CopyTrans Viewer

How to view Live Photos on PC?

What is Live Photo? Live Photos are an innovative feature introduced by Apple on its iOS devices, allowing you to go beyond a static image and capture a snippet of time filled with movement and sound. When you take a Live Photo, your device records 1.5 seconds before and after you press the shutter button, transforming a traditional photograph into a mini-movie.

So, how do Live Photos work? When you view a Live Photo, it appears as a standard still image. However, with a simple touch or press, the magic unfolds. As your finger makes contact with the photo, it comes to life, revealing the precious seconds leading up to and after the captured moment. Live Photos capture both the visual and audio aspects of the moment, giving it a lifelike quality that traditional photos can’t match.

Live Photos have one problem, they are not compatible with a Windows System, so you can’t reproduce them on your PC. CopyTrans Viewer resolves it!

  1. Open any Live Photo on your PC with CopyTrans Viewer.
  2. NOTE: Transfer your photos in a few clicks with CopyTrans Studio.

  3. Hover your mouse over the photo and it will come to life.
  4. View Live Photos in CopyTrans Viewer