Why do we love Live Photos? Because these photos are our vivid memories that you can play if you want to enjoy not only the frozen shot but also the atmosphere of that photo!

When the iPhone introduced Live Photos, it brought a new dimension to the world of photography. Live Photos capture a few seconds of motion and sound before and after a photo is taken, allowing us to relive moments in a way that traditional photos can’t. But is there any way to view them on a computer? Yes! CopyTrans Team has developed a special program that will help you to view Live Photos on your PC.

The easiest way to view Live Photos on PC

Photos have always had the power to evoke emotions, but Live Photos take it to another level. When viewing a Live Photo, we are transported to that exact moment, hearing the sounds, feeling the movement, and sensing the emotions. A Live Photo becomes a time capsule, encapsulating not only the visual memory but also the atmosphere and ambiance of the moment.

It is a very interesting innovation from Apple, but how to watch such photos on a computer? Just use CopyTrans Viewer and follow the steps below!

  1. CopyTrans Viewer is a part of CopyTrans Studio. Click on the button below to start downloading:
  2.  Download CopyTrans Studio

    Check this page to find out how to setup CopyTrans Studio

  3. After CopyTrans Studio is installed, CopyTrans Viewer will automatically appear on your PC. Now click on the CopyTrans Viewer icon on your desktop to start it.
  4. double click to open CopyTrans Viewer on your desktop
  5. There are two options to open your media files:
  6. – Drag and drop the file to the black zone
    – Click on the yellow button to select a file.

    CopyTrans Viewer main screen
  7. Now, when the Live Photos are selected, you will be able to view it as you can do it on your iPhone. Just hover your mouse over the photo. This will make it live.
  8. View Live Photos in CopyTrans Viewer
  9. To stop the mode, move the mouse away from the photo. And that’s it! You can also use CopyTrans Viewer as your standard image viewer. You will find detailed information in our CopyTrans Viewer User Guide.

Why do we enjoy Live Photos so much? Live Photos unlock the potential to tell stories that would otherwise be limited to a single photograph. With Live Photos, we can capture the progression and dynamics of an event, the laughter and joy that unfolds, and the subtle expressions that may go unnoticed in a still image. This feature is particularly valuable for documenting milestones, trips, and experiences where the story is just as important as the image itself.

Live Photos have changed the way memories are captured and preserved. And CopyTrans Viewer changed the way you watch your photos on your PC! With CopyTrans Viewer everything is possible: almost every image and video format is compatible! Download it and make your default viewer and unlock the next level of managing your memories!