Live Photos is a feature introduced by Apple that records a few seconds of video before and after you take a photo, bringing your pictures to life. Although Live Photos can be a fun and engaging feature, there are several reasons why you should turn it off.

In this article, we consider how to stop taken pictures in Live mode, how to disable this setting for iPhone camera and what to do with photos that are already taken in Live.

Why do people turn off Live Photos?

  • Storage space considerations

    Live Photos require more storage space than normal photos. Each of them consist of a short video clip together with a still image, which doubles the file size of a normal photo. This can quickly use up your device’s storage space, especially if you take a large number of Live Photos. By disabling the Live function, you can save valuable storage space for other important files and apps.

  • Privacy Concerns

    Live Photos not only record the image, but also the sound that is captured in the few seconds before and after the shot. This can add an interesting dimension to your memories, but can also record private conversations or other moments that you may not want to capture. By disabling Live Photos, you can ensure that your privacy is protected and you have more control over what is recorded.

  • Saves battery life

    The process of taking Live Photos requires the camera to be active for an extended period of time, which can affect the battery life of your device. If you want to conserve battery life or find that your device’s battery drains quickly, disabling Live Photos can help extend battery life by reducing the processing and recording time required.

  • Simplify photo organization

    Live Photos can make it difficult to manage and organize your photos. When you transfer Live Photos to your computer or other devices, they are saved as a package that contains both the still image and the video. This can make it difficult to organize and sort your photos. By disabling Live Photos, you can make it easier to organize your photos and work with individual still images.

  • Easier editing and sharing

    Editing Live Photos can be a little more involved than editing normal photos. If you want to make quick edits or apply filters to your photos, turning off Live Photos can simplify the editing process by eliminating the need to work with both the image and video components. In addition, Live Photos require special support from the recipient’s device or platform when sharing photos. By disabling Live Photos, you can ensure smooth and universal sharing of your photos.

So, now we know why to turn Live Photos off, but how to do it? Keep reading this article and find it out!

How to disable Live Photos on iPhone

You can turn this feature off on your iPhone in a few clicks, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the camera app on your iPhone.
  2. Ensure that the “Photo” mode is enabled. You can do this by checking the mode selector at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Look for the “Live Photo” icon above the shutter button. It will look like three interlocking circles in yellow colour. Tap it to turn it off. Now, it will appear in white colour.
  4. Once you’ve disabled Live Photos, you can now capture still photos without any accompanying video, which will save storage space and battery life.

How to permanently turn off Live Photo on iPhone?

Apple offers you an option to disable the function of making Live Photos completely. How to do it? Easy! Just a few clicks and you will make only plane photos.

  • Open your iPhone settings and find “Camera” there
  • Open camera in Settings
  • Now choose the option “Preserve settings”
  • Preserve settings in camera
  • Here you can turn off the Live Photo function
  • Turn off live photo on your iPhone

That’s it! From now on you will make photos without this special effect, and that’s mean thet you are going to save your iPhone Storage.

Convert Live Photo to still

So, now this feature is turned off and new photos will be just photos, what to do with the Live Photos made before? You can move them to your PC and delete on your iPhone to free up space! How to do it? Of course with the help of CopyTrans Studio.

  1. Download CopyTrans Studio and install it. For the first connection to the program, connect your iPhone to PC with USB cable.
  2.  Download CopyTrans Studio
  3. Open the program, select your iPhone and choose “Photo Library”.
  4. Open iPhone gallery on Windows
  5. Now find “Categories” and click on “Media Types”.
  6. Find Live Photo in CopyTrans Studio
  7. Here you can see the “Live Photo” folder. Double-click on it to access all Live photos from your iPhone.
  8. Just drag-and-drop this folder on your PC. Also check out our detailed guide on how to save iPhone photos on your PC.
  9. Now you can delete the MOV part (that makes the photo a Live Photo) and keep the photos still. Open the folder with the photos saved from iPhone. Right-click on the photos and choose Sort by Type.
  10. Sort by type Live Photos
  11. When all the photos are sorted, you can select all the .mov files and delete them. And that’s it! All your photos are saved and don’t take a lot of free space on yout PC.
  12. Delete Mov Files


To summarize, while Live Photos can be a fun and exciting feature, there are several reasons you might want to disable it. There are good reasons to disable Live Photos, ranging from storage space issues, privacy considerations, battery life, photo organization, to simplifying editing and sharing processes. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that depends on your preferences and needs. If you don’t think Live Photos adds significant value to your photography, turning it off can optimize your device’s storage, protect your privacy and simplify your photo management.