If you are here, it means that you are about to or have just tried our new application CopyTrans Studio by Ursa Minor.

No matter if you are an old CopyTrans user or have landed on our website for the first time – we are happy to have you here and would do our best to make your experience as best as possible. We’ve created this FAQ to respond to some common questions about our new products. Feel free to share your experience and thoughts with us!

  1. What is CopyTrans Studio?
  2. Is CopyTrans Studio included in CopyTrans bundle?
  3. Is CopyTrans Studio free?
  4. Is CopyTrans Studio safe?
  5. Does CopyTrans Studio work on Mac?
  6. What is the difference between CopyTrans Studio and CopyTrans Photo?

What is CopyTrans Studio?

CopyTrans Studio is a brand new desktop application developed by Ursa Minor.

Ursa Minor is the developer of CopyTrans suite that exists since 2004. The suite includes a set of 11 products that facilitate iPhone management from PC and also give the user some new exciting features that aren’t available for regular iOS users. Our products are sold all over the world and are translated into 5 languages: English, German, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Time goes on, and we’ve decided to give a swirl to our classic ways. We believe that our users who happen to use iOS devices and Windows computers deserve a faster connection, a handier interface, and even more freedom with their data. That is why we are now developing CopyTrans Studio. It is a completely new approach to the management of iPhone files on Windows PC: iPhone contents are now integrated into Windows Explorer.

iPhone gallery organized on PC

iPhone gallery is perfectly organized on your Windows PC

Find out more about CopyTrans Studio in our guides:

Is CopyTrans Studio included in CopyTrans bundle?

CopyTrans Studio is a new product that starts a new era in CopyTrans series and accesses iOS data in a different way. That is why it is not going to be included in CopyTrans Control Center and doesn’t make part of CopyTrans 7 Pack offer.

Is CopyTrans Studio free?

Is CopyTrans safe?

CopyTrans is developed by Ursa Minor, a Swiss software developer since 2004. We guarantee that all software downloaded on our official website is free of malware and does not transfer users’ personal data to third parties. CopyTrans Studio is free from ads and hidden fees.

Data safety at CopyTrans

Copytrans Studio transmits data only between the user’s iOS device and a personal computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Users’ personal media data (photos, videos) as well as metadata (geolocation, time, camera data) are not transferred to the CopyTrans servers and cannot be accessed by the company’s employees in any way.

Users who purchase a Premium subscription to the company’s services can use their PayPal account data or personal bank card. Payment data is transmitted to our payment system through a secure connection. This data is not not stored on CopyTrans servers and company employees do not have access to them.

Does CopyTrans Studio work on Mac?

CopyTrans aims to bring the worlds of iPhone and Windows together. That is why, CopyTrans is not supported on Mac for now. Find out more about CopyTrans Studio compatibility here.

What is the difference between CopyTrans Studio and CopyTrans Photo?

CopyTrans Studio now focuses on photo and video management. We have made sure to keep all your favorite functions from CopyTrans Photo and some new ones. Check this comparison table:

Feature CopyTrans Studio
(Premium version)
CopyTrans Photo
View Camera roll photos
Full photo and video backup in 1 click
Transfer photos and videos to PC
Transfer Albums to PC
Transfer photos and videos to PC
Convert .heic to .jpeg on transfer
Drag and Drop transfer
Live photos support
Automatic photo backup
Integrated in Windows Explorer
Supports WiFi connection
Save Live photos in .jpeg + .mov or only .jpeg
Save only edited photos or edited + original
Modify file names during backup
Create Smart Albums
Sort photos by Date, Location, and People
Extract photos by Date, Location, and People
Display Favorites album
Sort and Extract photos by Media type