CopyTrans Studio has a built-in plugin for viewing and converting .heic files to .jpg format on Windows. It allows transforming files in batches and doesn’t require internet connection. Following requests of our users, we have added a new feature: now you can convert entire folders with .heic images to a Windows compatible .jpg/.jpeg format in just 1 click!

In this tutorial, I will show how to quickly save selected iPhone photos to a PC and convert a folder with HEIC images to JPG.

Conversion by folders is a Premium feature.

  1. Transfer HEIC folders to PC
  2. Convert HEIC folder to JPG in 1 click
  3. Why should you try this feature?

Transfer HEIC folders to PC

CopyTrans Studio is designed to do advanced backups of iPhone media files to a PC. Here is how you can create albums with HEIC images from your iPhone.

In this example, I chose to save Live Photos.

  1. Download and install CopyTrans Studio to your PC. It has the instruments to transfer your heic photos from an iPhone to a PC as well as the built-in codec to view and convert heic.
  2.  Download CopyTrans Studio
  3. Connect your iPhone to the PC using a cable. Later on, you can enable Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Your iPhone photo and video gallery will be available in your Windows Explorer. Select your device, then “Photo library”.
  5. Open iPhone gallery on Windows
  6. There are several ways you can access your iPhone heic photos on Windows. You can of course just browse through your gallery in the “All photos” folder and transfer .heic images 1 by 1 to a folder on your PC. I will show you a more advanced way. To do so, select “Create Smart album” in the “Action” tab.
  7. CopyTrans Studio main menu icon for the Smart albums function in CopyTrans Studio
  8. I decided to save Live Photos from my summer 2022. At that time, I wasn’t aware that I was shooting in Live mode and that the pictures were in HEIC format. Now they take a lot of my storage space.
    So I want to save them as still images and then convert to a Windows compatible format to share with my family. To do so, I set criteria as “Media Type” is “Live photo”. To keep the pics only from Summer 2022, I select “Date between”.
  9. create smart album with heic photos
  10. The folder with filtered photos appears in the Smart Albums section. I can then drag it to the PC to save.
  11. transfer HEIC folder to PC

    Here is a complete tutorial about the Smart Albums function in CopyTrans Studio >>

Convert HEIC folder to JPG in 1 click

So we are done with transferring the folder with HEIC images from the iPhone to the PC. You can now view HEIC thumbnails and open .heic format files on a large screen thanks to the built-in codec and image viewer CopyTrans Viewer. To convert all HEIC files in the folder to JPG format, proceed as follows:

  1. On your PC, find the folder you’d like to convert and right click on it to see the Windows Context menu.
  2. In the menu, find the option “Convert with CopyTrans” and click on it.
  3. Conversion by folders is a Premium feature.

    Convert HEIC folder to JPG
  4. Wait until the conversion is over.
  5. See converted JPEG files appear next to HEIC originals. Enjoy!
  6. All files in the folder were automatically transformed into JPG format

Why do we think that Folder conversion is a cool feature?

The greatest thing is that it saves your time. No need to select files 1 by 1 or unpack folders to be sure that nothing was missed. It’s a breeze to manage your large image storage!

  • Efficiency: Users can convert entire folders of HEIC files to the JPG format in one go, saving time and effort compared to converting files individually.
  • Organization: The ability to convert by folders allows a better photo organization, making it easier to manage and locate specific images.
  • Bulk Conversion: Users can convert a large number of HEIC files to JPG simultaneously, making it ideal for users with extensive photo libraries.
  • Preservation of Quality: Image quality is preserved on conversion – no loss in quality.
  • Ease of Sharing: JPG files are more commonly shared online or via email, making it easier for users to exchange their photos with others.
 Download CopyTrans Studio